Sr. Monique Singh


The first time God inspired me with the sense of a calling to the religious life, I was about 16 years old.

I had been reading a small book and through it God spoke – though I could not picture how that would become a reality. Rather, I had my eyes set on a career in dance, and pursued this dream for quite a few years.

I noticed the voice of God leading me, sometimes in extraordinary ways, and I learned to trust that voice in the joys and difficulties that life presented. I am grateful that the gift of faith had been nurtured in my early years and that God allowed me to see his presence more and more in the everyday.

Moving to Brisbane to further my dance studies, I met the Canossian Sisters.

Over some years I found again there was an attraction; again God was speaking to me.

There was something about their way of being with people, the simplicity and joy shining through their lives, that was inspiring. God spoke again in this liminal time … all aspects of life were gradually coming together, united in the faith dimension.

I surrendered the desire to control and allowed the Spirit to gently guide me to new possibilities and opportunities for growth that were beyond all of my imaginings. I was amazed at the journey and how, in letting God take the lead in this dance of life, a new perspective of the world unfolded.

In September 2014, I made my First Profession. The ministry I am serving in is education. Having completed studies in 2017, I will be teaching this year. The diversity of the various ministries of the Canossian Institute is really a gift, and I look forward to what God has in store for me this year with a grateful heart.

Walking closer and closer with Jesus every day, it is humbling and still a little incredible to believe that I have been given the beautiful gift of vocation to this Institute … that the Lord calls me to consecrated life, to participate in God’s mission in the particular way of St Magdalene of Canossa.